The following table contains information about the residents on the canal and the lake. All of the data is dynamically retrieved from the Orange County Property Appraisors site.

There are files to create your own mailing labels and there are mailing label files for standard sticky labels.

The owners files contain the mailing addresses of all the lots (including vacant) on the lake and canal.

The residents files contain only mailing addresses of developed properties on the canal and lake.


DB TypeBrowseMailing labels
List to create your own labels*MS Word Labels
Lake Browse Lake Owner list Resident list Owner labels Resident labels
Canal Browse Canal Owner list Resident list Owner labels Resident labels

* Note: These files can be imported into MS Word to create labels of whatever size or shape you require.


Once you have the files (e.g. lake_owners_addresses.txt), you can import them into MS word and create mailing labels with the wizard.

Canal Address Database


#ParcelLocationOwnersMailing Addressmstu
112-22-30-3378-01-7403407 T C U BlvdDout Robert E Jr3407 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-231248.55
212-22-30-3378-01-7503401 T C U BlvdMarley Thomas E3401 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-231286.47
312-22-30-3376-00-5203359 T C U BlvdTournour Scott3359 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-231066.24
412-22-30-3376-00-5303355 T C U BlvdHinkey William Joseph IIIMills Amanda Kristin3355 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2310157.8
512-22-30-3376-00-5403349 T C U BlvdDalia JamesDalia Metta J3349 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-231066.79
612-22-30-3376-00-5603337 T C U BlvdFahlstrom Amy EFahlstrom Michael A3337 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-231087.68
712-22-30-3376-00-5703331 T C U BlvdStratton Jonathan LStratton Lissa M3331 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-231062.9
812-22-30-3376-00-7202881 T C U BlvdDavis Mark EDavid Jennifer R2881 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-246163.2
912-22-30-3376-00-7302875 T C U BlvdLauro James V2875 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-246150.92
1012-22-30-3376-00-7402869 T C U BlvdCampos Alejandro2133 Lake Baldwin LnOrlando, FL 32814-6957160.14
1112-22-30-8828-04-0102859 T C U BlvdDamico AntoninoDamico John2859 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2461115.56
1212-22-30-8828-04-0202853 T C U BlvdCassinari John F2853 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-246149.22
1312-22-30-8828-04-0302847 T C U BlvdMorgan Russell W Jr2847 Tcu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2461175.75
1412-22-30-8828-04-0408519 Alveron AveSencenbaugh BenjaminLagerstrom Alicia106.74
1512-22-30-8828-04-0508523 Alveron AvePaige Stephen F Jr4955 Laurel Ridge DrCumming, GA 30040-1809147.16
1612-22-30-8828-04-0602845 Tech DrMullane Daniel J4909 Brook Hills DrAnnandale, VA 22003-5516146.56
1712-22-30-8828-04-0702839 Tech DrRocco Matthew132.68
1812-22-30-8828-04-0802833 Tech DrEismann Rh Inc2220 Edgar CtOviedo, FL 32765-8683140.51
1912-22-30-8828-04-0902827 Tech DrKing JustinWillis Deborah84.17
2012-22-30-8828-04-1002821 Tech DrStrong Residences LLCPeters Barbara K Tr2262 Banchory RdWinter Park, FL 32792-4764144
2113-22-30-8830-02-0102815 Tech DrVan LinhLeriza Van Maria Joanna112.85
2213-22-30-8830-02-0202809 Tech DrTap Henry H TrTap Karilyn S Tr58.63
2313-22-30-8830-02-0302803 Tech DrShelton Timothy M73.58
2413-22-30-8830-02-0408601 L S U LnOsterhout Richard C8601 Lsu LnOrlando, FL 32817-245971.96
2513-22-30-8830-02-0508607 L S U LnBell Giomara HernandezBell Gary Allan8607 Lsu LnOrlando, FL 32817-2459137.52
2613-22-30-8830-02-0602806 S M U BlvdFalcone Florence M2806 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251156.61
2713-22-30-8830-02-0702812 S M U BlvdFearon Jayne2812 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251158.25
2812-22-30-8831-01-0102818 S M U BlvdBankhead JayBankhead Cera R2818 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2511160.7
2912-22-30-8831-01-0202826 S M U BlvdLake EricLake Patricia2826 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251195.64
3012-22-30-8831-01-0302832 S M U BlvdKane Justin2832 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2511153.44
3112-22-30-8831-01-0402838 S M U BlvdGoodwin ShannonGoodwin Frank2838 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251172.26
3212-22-30-8831-01-0502844 S M U BlvdWampner Eric William2844 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251174.76
3312-22-30-8831-01-0602850 S M U BlvdVogt John WVogt Elaine M2850 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251149.08
3412-22-30-8831-01-0702902 S M U BlvdTomas MelissaTomas Andrew2902 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2513119.71
3512-22-30-8831-01-0802908 S M U BlvdMettie Richard E2908 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251342.39
3612-22-30-8831-01-0902914 S M U BlvdDelaby Dennis Edward2914 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2513117.4
3712-22-30-8831-01-1002920 S M U BlvdWroblewski Stanley P2920 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251379.46
3812-22-30-3376-00-7503002 S M U BlvdTinkler StuartTinkler Suzanne1649 Lakemont AveOrlando, FL 32814-6347147.09
3912-22-30-3376-00-7603008 S M U BlvdMatsakis DimitriosMatsakis Lori Jean3008 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251474.66
4012-22-30-3376-00-7703102 S M U BlvdMoore Terry B3102 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251677.38
4112-22-30-3376-00-7803108 S M U BlvdRollins David W Jr3108 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251651.04
4212-22-30-3376-00-7903114 S M U BlvdMaggio RebekahMaggio Charles3114 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2516102.59
4312-22-30-3376-00-8003120 S M U BlvdTrev A Homsey TrustC/O Trev A Homsey Trustee19338 W Lake View AveMundelein, IL 60060-3526145.58
4412-22-30-3376-00-8103202 S M U BlvdCarey Michael Anthony3202 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2517163.24
4512-22-30-3376-00-8203208 S M U BlvdDolan Jacob3208 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-2517105.49
4612-22-30-3376-00-8303214 S M U BlvdChive John TChive Joanne M3214 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251783.8
4712-22-30-3376-00-8403220 S M U CtThompson Glenn3220 Smu BlvdOrlando, FL 32817-251771.31
4812-22-30-3376-00-8503302 S M U CtKellmann Francis RKellmann Donna L3302 Smu CtOrlando, FL 32817-251865.95
4912-22-30-3376-00-8603308 S M U CtHitt Alan LHitt Karen R3308 Smu CtOrlando, FL 32817-251866
5012-22-30-3376-00-8703314 S M U CtSapp Marty KSapp Marianne E3314 Smu CtOrlando, FL 32817-2518154.6
5112-22-30-3376-00-8803320 S M U CtRockwell Betty H Life EstateRem: Dale Edward Rockwell3201 Rouse Rd Unit 127Orlando, FL 32817-2117146.79
5212-22-30-3376-00-8903326 S M U CtStafford Roger D4830 Brantmore CtWinter Springs, FL 32708-492558.57



150 grass carp will be released into the lake this Thursday, 1/30/20. Also, the lake was sampled, and there will be additional herbicide added to the lake this Friday, 1/31/20. DO NOT use water to irrigate ornamental/greenhouse/nursery plants or food crops for 90 days. There are no restrictions on use for watering your lawn, potable water for pets, and lake activity


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