Please be safe out there...


The following links provide information on safe boating:

  2. Review Running Lights with this simulator
  3. Review rules of the road
  4. Review navigation aides
  5. Safe Boating Presentation from the LIA VP of Safety


The Orange County Sheriff's Office provides the following brochures on safe boating:

  1. Boating Regulations
  2. Boater's Guide
  3. Personal Water Craft Guide


Orange County Code - Chapter 8 - Boats and Water Safety(need to click twice)


2010 FL Statute on Vessel Safety

Please note: With Orlando being in the water skiing capital of the world, Lake Irma is proud to be the home to some of the world's top competitors. This distinct group of individuals have been given exceptions to the FL statues while training for competition.

  1. Personal Floatation Device exception
  2. Personal Watercraft exception