The following table contains information about the residents on the canal and the lake. All of the data is dynamically retrieved from the Orange County Property Appraisors site.

There are files to create your own mailing labels and there are mailing label files for standard sticky labels.

The owners files contain the mailing addresses of all the lots (including vacant) on the lake and canal.

The residents files contain only mailing addresses of developed properties on the canal and lake.


DB TypeBrowseMailing labels
List to create your own labels*MS Word Labels
Lake Browse Lake Owner list Resident list Owner labels Resident labels
Canal Browse Canal Owner list Resident list Owner labels Resident labels

* Note: These files can be imported into MS Word to create labels of whatever size or shape you require.


Once you have the files (e.g. lake_owners_addresses.txt), you can import them into MS word and create mailing labels with the wizard.


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LIA Board


Susan Simasek email 407-671-6902

VP Water Quality:

Chuck Kristofek email 407-310-7029

VP Safety:

Barry Pietrewics email


Joan Cross email 407-657-4159


Brett Bryant email

Activity Director:

Tena Harris email

Communications Director:

Loretta Kristofek email 407-310-7030


LIA Bylaws

LIA Officer Duties

LIA Email List
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