Yard Maintenance

There are two yard maintenance issues which affect our lake water quality:

  1. Fertilizers
  2. Pet Waste



Our lakewatch data indicates that Lake Irma falls into the "high range" for Phosphorus. This can contribute to algae blooms and fish kills. Phosphorus can enter our lake naturally from the soils but also from fertilizers. We can improve the lake water quality by fertilizing appropriately and lawfully.

In fact, a new Fertilizer Management Ordinance was passed by Orange County on October 6, 2009 and will be effective March 1, 2010. The ordinance mandates the following:

  1. We cannot apply fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus to turf during the restricted season from June 1st through September 30th
  2. No fertilizer containing phosphorus shall be applied to turf.
  3. Only fertilizer containing slow release nitrogen shall be applied to turf.
  4. No fertilizer shall be applied within ten (10) feet of any lake, pond, or canal.
  5. No fertilizer shall be deposited, washed, swept, or blown off – intentionally or inadvertently – onto any impervious surface, public right-of-way, public property, stormwater drain, ditch, conveyance, or water body.


Pet Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) deemed pet waste a “nonpoint source of pollution” in 1991 (more here), which put petwaste in the same category as oil and toxic chemicals!

Pet waste is not good for our yards, our health, or our lake. A few years ago, a resident contracted a miserable condition called Giardia which may have come from pet waste.

More details can be found here. The best solution is to pick up after your pets and throw it away or flush it.